Law Firm Website Design

Law Firm Website Design

Better Web Design. Better User Experience. Better Conversions.

Law firm website design often uses exhausted, generic, cookie-cutter tactics. This produces the same forgettable legal website that falls short of expressing a law firm’s unique value to the visitor. It’s what ultimately makes them click away and seek your competitor’s counsel.

In a universe where most legal websites look and function the same, how could yours stand out?

The answer lies in the user experience.

You must eliminate anything in your visitor’s journey deterring their decision to call: dated design, complicated information architecture, and confusing navigation can make the user experience not only difficult, but frustrating.

Plus, data shows that nearly 60% of Google searches (over half of your audience) originate from a mobile device. If a user comes across too many roadblocks in their navigation, they are quick to abandon a site and pursue another with a finger tap.

This is powerful and cannot be ignored. For your website’s strongest visibility, accessibility, and impact, you must pave the way for a simple and seamless user experience on all devices.

Your website will be the first and most in-depth touchpoint most of your clients will have with your brand. This could be your only chance to make a meaningful impression, and it’s crucial that you make it count.

Our sites are developed with the most important objective in mind: providing your potential clients with the information they need most within a simple, intuitive interface and guiding the visitor journey from consideration to conversion.

At Legal Communications Group, our attorney website design experts custom design your website to reflect your firm’s unique voice, philosophy, experience, and value. We optimize the visitor experience by presenting an organized, thoughtful information architecture along with  a sophisticated, sleek and polished design, captivating visuals and engaging microinteractions.

Law Firm Website Design Delivering Dynamic User Experiences

Organized Site Architecture. Sleek Design. Quality Content.

Thoughtful information architecture and a polished design are vital to a seamless user experience, but that alone is not enough to convert visitors to clients. It’s quality content that populates your site structure and ultimately influences consumer decisions. This is key to guiding your audience through the marketing funnel.

Content that engages your unique audience and builds their trust is paramount. By avoiding niche legal language, stale copy, and outdated keyword stuffing tactics, and instead incorporating informational and easy-to-digest copy that resonates, your firm builds customer trust and turns intent into action. When all of these elements come together and are tailored to your firm, your brand will be positioned as a thought leader that champions the search ranks and drives conversions.


Revamp Your Website Strategy. Start Seeing Results.

Your website is one of your most powerful marketing tools. Website design for law firms should strike the right balance between a seamless user experience, sleek design, and compelling content created with the user in mind is the strategy your firm needs to make an impact and increase conversions. See for yourself how revamping your law firm website design strategy can make all the difference. Contact us today by giving us a call at 215-364-8828.

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