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Our cutting-edge studio is built for top-level law firm video production. Elevate your television and digital commercial advertising efforts and stand out in a highly saturated market.

Breathe life into your Law Firm's TV Commercials

It takes passion, combined with dedicated production resources, to develop sleek, riveting video content that is of the highest production value. Our skilled production team handles every aspect of your comprehensive video strategy, ensuring your content dominates in the market and stands out from the rest.

We get to know your firm, and develop customized messaging that aligns with your law firm's brand.

  • We offer high-quality production and creative concepts that blow the competition out of the water.
  • Our award-winning law firm video production team develops TV commercials and branded video concepts that are original, sharp, and evocative.
  • We deliver messaging that resonates with your audience to elicit a strong emotion response, driving them to convert.
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David Henson
"The team at Legal Communications Group is fantastic!  They are a comprehensive, one-stop agency that handles all of our advertising needs.  If you are looking for an agency with personalized attention, quick response and effective ad campaigns- this is your group!"
David Henson
Henson Fuerst Attorneys
Law Firm Television Production Agency

What can Law Firm Video Production do for you?

Do Law Firm TV commercials work in 2023?

Law firm TV commercials are the most effective way to strengthen your brand identity, broaden your reach, and make a lasting impression on viewers. Ensure your competitive edge by delivering memorable, high-impact visuals, testimonials, taglines, and more directly to your target audience’s household.

Increase brand awareness and trust

Establish credibility in the minds of your viewers and solidify your place as the most recognizable and recommendable law firm in your market. In your viewer’s time of need, they’ll already know who to call.

Reach a large audience in a short amount of time

In today’s crowded media landscape, make every ad dollar count. Harness the power of regional and national programming to amplify your message and let your target audience find you right where they are.

Generate high quality leads

Yield higher-quality leads and a more promising caseload by tapping into your target audience based on their demographics, geography, behaviors, and interests. With a deep understanding of consumer habits and a laser-focused TV commercial strategy, you can make every second count.

Award winning television + video commercials

As a proud 2022 Telly Award Winner, we produce innovative, internationally-renowned commercials and video content that break the mold. Best of all, it’s all done in-house. Our work speaks for itself at Legal Communications Group. That’s The LCG Difference.
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Reach Your Target Audience
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Get your commercials and video in front of your audience

The development of compelling TV and video content is only half of the equation. Amplification of your message relies heavily on a solid media planning and placement strategy.

Single-channel media buying strategies are the antithesis of your law firm’s success. Instead of relying on one tactic, you must know how to adapt your audiences’ usage habits in real time to meet your future goals in today’s quickly shifting media landscape.

Legal Communications Group's legal media buying and planning experts will guide you through this process and develop your custom-tailored, comprehensive media strategy to meet your target audience where and when they need it most.
David Daggett
"Legal Comunications Group's work can't be beat. Our reputation and success are as important to them as it is to us, and it shows every day."
David Daggett
Daggett Shuler Attorneys

We Deliver Law Firm Video Production Solutions That Make An Impact

Paint a Picture of Your Brand Story

We work to develop sophisticated and compelling themes and scripts for attorney commercials that are custom-tailored to your brand’s vision and your audience’s needs. This way, your attorney ads will stand out among competitors in the legal space, reaching your target audience that will funnel down to cases.

Experienced Professionals

When we lend our wealth of industry knowledge, you can be confident in your firm’s marketing initiatives. Our proven strategies and dedicated team handle all aspects of the law firm TV commercial process, so that you can focus on handling cases your new commercials generate.

Our Team Handles It All

We take care of the actors and location on-location with our team of writers, film, lighting, and sound professionals, and in-house video editors to put your commercial together. With usually less than a minute to tell your story and resonate with your consumer market, our team makes every second count to ensure your law firm commercial makes a lasting impression.

Strategic Law Firm Video Production

Best of all, we offer the full scope of strategic law firm TV commercial production in-house. At our agency, we will meet and exceed all your law firm video production needs in our cutting-edge production facility. With our full suite of production resources, you will have everything you need from start to finish to dominate your market.
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Need convincing? Here are a few law firm tv commercials.

Tom Yost
"I unequivocally recommend Legal Communications Group to any personal injury law firm that is interested in increasing its presence either locally or nationally. I have been a client for over 20 years, and they have been, and are critical to my firm's growth."
Thomas Yost
The Yost Law Firm

What's next? Get your law firm on the biggest networks

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Rethink your law firm media buying tactics

Law firms tend to rely on a single channel for their media strategy. Yet, relying on one tactic to address their audiences’ specific usage habits and consumer journey hinders success. With the media landscape rapidly shifting, law firms must adapt to consumers’ ever-changing media habits while simultaneously meeting their own goals and objectives.

Is your ad spend working?

The answer is not a simple “yes” or “no.” Instead, attribution is complex, and analyzing the performance of your law firm's media spend, as well as making adjustments requires skill. At Legal Communications Group, our legal media buying experts will guide you through this process, creating and deploying a comprehensive media strategy unique to your law firm that will connect you with your target audience.