About Us

About Us

Elevate Your Strategies, Elevate Your Brand.

Legal Communications Group was founded on a need that we noticed within law firms. Lawyers were not only trying to practice law and manage a firm, they were also trying to become marketers. We found that this was resulting in quick, disjointed strategies that were far from optimized. By connecting a team of creative marketers who understand this struggle while providing solutions for firms’ marketing needs, we are able to optimize marketing campaigns for law firms everywhere.

We want you to be able to focus on law, what you are passionate about, while we focus on what we’re passionate about.

We have spent the past 30 years based out of the Philadelphia area, serving law firms across the United States and Canada. And, in that time, we have nurtured firms for sustainable growth, helped power brands elevate their messaging in large markets and even assisted startup firms gain their footing in new markets. We have seen it all, and from that experience, can help you achieve your unique goals.

Let Us Help Tell Your Brand Story

We use our past experience and collective insights to craft unique and compelling strategies that are tailored to your brand and goals, instead of fitting your firm into a mold that was previously created and used multiple times. We believe every brand brings their own strengths and our goal is to identify, communicate and leverage them to position your brand as an equal or better option to market leaders in your area.

When we partner, communication is key. We believe that spending time communicating with our clients is the true key to success. Every month, we sit down with each of our clients and not only provide updates on the performance of their campaigns but also discuss ideas, needs and even what’s going on in their community. These discussions allow us to communicate your brand more effectively, because with an immersive brand story comes stronger leads.

Your brand is the most powerful tool that you have and it’s our mission to strengthen, grow and optimize your brand and strategies.

Legal Communications Group is made of a team of individuals, each with a different story, background and perspective, who come together to give you impactful value to your marketing strategies in the most creative ways. Our collective experience gives you the most diversity and experience to help your firm achieve your business goals, both in the short and long term.

 We have the foundation to make your marketing strategies successful. Marketing isn’t just what we do, it’s our passion. When we’re not executing strategies for our clients, we are constantly researching, educating ourselves and educating our clients on the most cutting-edge theories and techniques.

When you work with Legal Communications Group, you’re not just partnering with one person, you unlock an entire team of graphic designers, media specialists, business strategists and marketing professionals. With Legal Communications Group, we are more than just a marketing agency, we are your partners in growth and success for years to come. And, your dedicated account team is not only an open line of communication for questions, updates and reporting, they are also your trusted advocates for your brand.


We Are Your Partners in Growth and Success

Whether you need video production, media buying, social strategy, a new website, brand redesign or all of the above, let us help you navigate the path ahead and help propel your firm to heights you thought were unattainable, because with Legal Communications Group, we think of the unthinkable.

We are marketers. We are forward thinkers. We are your partners. We are Legal Communications Group.

Let’s get the conversation started.

We believe in forging a partnership with our clients, which is key to success. Our team is ready to help you make your marketing goals a reality. 

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