Get Attention with Law Firm Media Planning and Placement

The media landscape is changing every day, with many law firms getting lost in the current. Now is the time to amplify your brand’s message to dominate your market now and onward.

Grab Attention,
Gather an Audience,
Get Real Results

Even the best lawyer commercial can’t make an impact without the right law firm media buying strategy to support it. This is why legal creative development and media placement go hand-in-hand. Planning and positioning are crucial to reaching your target audience where they are and drive them to take action. This is what our in-house law firm media department provides.

Identify, Integrate, Innovate

  • We study your brand and objectives
  • We identify your target audience
  • We develop custom solutions for your firm
  • We measure and optimize your campaign to hit goals
Law Firm Media Placement for Television

We immerse ourselves in your brand and marketing objectives

Every client’s needs are unique, so every media plan begins with a deep dive into your brand and the audience you serve. Our media team takes the time to get to know your law firm’s specific mission, ethos, objectives, and goals and then how and where to present them to your audience.

Amplify your message with proven legal media strategies

Identify Your Target Audience

Every practice area has a unique audience with specific needs. Through extensive research, we identify who your audience is and what their media habits are. From there, we create a persona and pinpoint what media channels best serve them.

Develop Custom Integrated Solutions 

After working closely with you to understand your brand and the audience it serves, we develop and deploy a custom, integrated media plan using a balance of paid, owned, and earned media including: broadcast, cable, streaming media, print, out of home, paid search and paid social.

Measure and Optimize Campaign Performance

Continuous measurement and optimization are crucial to maintaining an effective, long-term campaign. That’s why we routinely measure and report on the performance of your media strategy by using a combination of media reporting and client data.

Innovate and Test

We constantly learn, adapt, and optimize in a rapidly changing technology and media landscape. By continually adjusting your campaigns to your audience’s media habits and testing new tools and tactics, we will ensure that your firm is always a step ahead of the competition.
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It’s Time To Rethink Your Law Firm Media Buying Tactics

Law firms tend to rely on a single channel for their media strategy. Yet, relying on one tactic to address their audiences’ specific usage habits and consumer journey hinders success. With the media landscape rapidly shifting, law firms must adapt to consumers’ ever-changing media habits while simultaneously meeting their own goals and objectives. We’ve seen firms attempt to mitigate this, but instead make one of two common media mistakes:

Not spending enough on the right media

Even the most generous ad budget is not enough if it doesn’t sufficiently cover the spectrum of media your clients consume. It takes significant time and experience to determine which media vehicle is most impactful for your brand. For many firms, it’s a continuous cycle of trial and error.

Spending too much on one channel

By oversaturating one media type, law firms limit their ability to expand their presence in their market. Through a single-channel strategy, law firms diminish their bandwidth and fail to reach the right people in the right places. In some cases, law firms rely on this strategy for years without realizing its ineffectiveness.

Regardless of which strategy you deploy, one question always remains: “Is my ad spend working?”

The answer is not a simple “yes” or “no.” Instead, attribution is complex, and analyzing the performance of your law firm's media spend, as well as making adjustments requires skill. At Legal Communications Group, our legal media buying experts will guide you through this process, creating and deploying a comprehensive media strategy unique to your law firm that will connect you with your target audience.