Law Firm Brand Strategy for Lasting Success

What makes a law firm brand strategy successful? There are many different hallmarks of a memorable legal brand, such as a conversation-starting commercial or a sleek or sophisticated logo. However, a bulletproof brand strategy goes beyond individual pieces, and gets to the true essence of your brand.

Law firm brand strategy involves the identification of:

  • Brand Pillars: the tenets upon which enduring brands are built. including brand purpose, perception, identity, values and brand experience
  • Brand Voice: The personality your brand takes on in all communications from TV commercials, social media to website copy (i.e., authoritative, approachable, professional, empathetic, etc.)
  • Brand Position: The unique value that distinguishes you from your competitors and identifies the value you bring to potential customers
Together, these elements provide a roadmap for marketing strategies that build trust, enhance credibility, promote recognition, foster loyalty and referrals, and set you apart from the competition.
Law Firm Brand Strategy At Work
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"I unequivocally recommend Legal Communications Group to any personal injury law firm that is interested in increasing its presence either locally or nationally. I have been a client for over 20 years, and they have been, and are critical to my firm's growth."
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Your brand strategy should be comprehensive

Identify the brand pillars, voice, and position

We start by surveying your brand's current position in the marketplace and identifying market influencing conditions in order to determine where opportunities for effective reach exist.

Measure Performance

With a comprehensive media strategy as our foundation, we continuously measure and report on the performance of your media strategy by using a combination of media reporting and client data.

Develop Custom Integrated Solutions 

Once we've identified these external forces we look at modern consumer media habits and audience penetration in your specific market, whether broadcast TV, out-of-home or social media, to determine the optimal mix.

Optimize Campaigns

By continually optimizing your campaigns to your audience’s media habits and testing new tools and tactics, we will ensure that your firm is always a step ahead of the competition.
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Law Firm Brand Strategy Meeting

Brand Strategy That Makes Your Firm Stand Out

Brand strategy matters when the TV turns off, and the phone is put down. It can be defined by how consumers feel about you; it’s the place you hold in their hearts and minds and where they look to in a time of need. With the right legal brand marketing strategy, you consistently convey the right message to the right people, building relationships and trust instantly and over time.

You shouldn’t be losing clients to the competition because your brand is not correctly positioned for long-term success. With a custom-tailored and well-thought-out legal brand strategy, you align your firm’s values and attributes with everything you do. The end result? A consistent message that that resonates with your unique audience and motivates them toward action.

That’s why it’s essential to seek the guidance of legal brand strategy professionals – and at Legal Communications Group, that is precisely our forte.

What should your brand strategy include?

Your law firm’s brand strategy should fully encompass your unique mission, values, and purpose to stand out in your market. That should be the core of everything you stand for as a law firm, and your branding should be closely aligned with that narrative.
Once your brand strategy is fully defined, your firm is empowered. Your brand story is securely encapsulated, and you are positioned to have an engaging and enduring brand that will establish meaningful connections with clients for years to come.

How do we plan your law firm's brand strategy?

When we partner with a law firm, we take time to fully understand your brand: what makes your law firm unique, what makes it tick, and what you exclusively have to offer that gives your clients a strong advantage.
Equipped with unbreakable groundwork for all your future marketing initiatives, your brand can reach new levels, soaring above the competition and clearly conveying why clients should turn to you.