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Are Law Firm TV Commercials on TV effective forms of advertising?

Law firm TV commercials are the most effective way to strengthen your brand identity, broaden your reach, and make a lasting impression on viewers. Ensure your competitive edge by delivering memorable, high-impact visuals, testimonials, taglines, and more directly to your target audience’s household.

Establish credibility in the minds of your viewers and solidify your place as the most recognizable and recommendable law firm in your market. In your viewer’s time of need, they’ll already know who to call.
Law Firm TV Production shoot in front of a green screen

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We meticulously plan each step of every law firm TV commercial to provide the best actors, scripts, and sets. This let's you focus on selling your brand and reaching your future clients.

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Having the best law firm tv commercial isn't enough to get new clients. Legal Communications Group uses our decades of experience in media planning to reach your audience to maximize the video's potential.

Law firm tv commercial for Carter Mario

Sandwich Shop TV Commercial

The Carter Mario 3x More commercial establishes a balance between humor and professionalism to maintain the integrity of the brand. This series of law firm tv commercials is one of several aimed to break down the barrier that people may have when hiring a lawyer by emphasizing that the call is free and they pay nothing unless the case is won. This video production's light nature and humor make it one of our favorite lawyer commercials on tv today.


Create a light-hearted commercial that explains the benefits of hiring an attorney and how the client only pays if the law firm wins the case.


The sandwich shop commercial explains the benefits of hiring an attorney and how the client could have gotten more with a law firm.

Behind the Scenes of the Sandwich Shop Video Production

Law firm brand video for social media and the web

Law Firm Brand Video

The Disability Attorneys of Michigan brand video project was to develop a 60-second video for social media and the firm website. Additionally, we created a short-form version of the video for use in a paid promotion on social media that directed users to a landing page with the long-form video. The brand video encapsulates the law firm's values, expertise, longevity, and strength.


Our goals for the Disability Attorneys of Michigan are to position the law firm as a credible and trustworthy thought leader and establish trust with audiences.


Create a suite of videos that simplify the confusing and complicated process of applying for SSD benefits and showcase the law firm's expertise in the category.

Behind the Scenes of the 2023 DAM Law Firm Brand Video

Get Carter Law TV Commercial with elevator scene

Elevator TV Commercial

The elevator law firm TV commercial is part of a series created for Carter Mario. This video production featured a female lawyer as the main character conversing with an accident victim. The attorney convinces the hurt woman to hire an attorney to get more out of the insurance company.


Develop a thirty-second spot that shows compassion and empathy for the victim and explains the benefits of hiring an attorney to handle the personal injury case.


The elevator scene uses a compassionate female attorney to convince an accident victim not to take the low settlement check from the insurance company but to get more by hiring a lawyer.

Behind the Scenes of the Elevator Video Production

personal injury law firm tv commercial

Game Day TV Commercial

Many people do not understand the payment structure when hiring an attorney, and this attorney tv commercial heavily emphasizes how the accident victim pays nothing unless the law firm wins the case. The three sports fans have a conversation with their hurt friend about how hiring a lawyer is more attainable than he thought.


The objective of this law firm commercial was to educate viewers that it costs nothing to hire a personal injury lawyer unless they win the case.


Three sports fans educate their injured friend about how easy it is to hire a lawyer to handle his case.

Behind the Scenes of the Game Day Video Production

Award winning legal tv commercial for Preszler law

Car Accident TV Commercial

The Preszler MVA Law Firm TV Commercial was one of several in a series of practice area video productions. Our goal was to position the firm as a better choice than the current leaders in their market and demonstrate that insurance companies don't have your best interest in mind. The commercial explains the real-life effects of being in a car accident, from lost wages to medical bills. Additional videos in the series included long-term disability, slip and fall, and a family car accident tv commercial.


Our goal is to create a stand-out commercial that represents the strong brand the law firm has built to create a visually engaging series of several types of accident cases. A fake announcer pretends to play the insurance company hero, but the accident victims say otherwise.


We show that an accident victim's life can change in an instant and the insurance company cannot be trusted to act on the victim's behalf. We show a lawyer that can stand up against the insurance company and get the injured party back on their feet.

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At our agency, we believe that forging meaningful client relationships is the key to success. That’s why before putting pen to paper, we take the time to get to know you and what makes your firm unique. Then, we work together to transform your brand with a custom-tailored strategy that positions you as the top choice for your ideal audience. The end result: a strong, dependable presence in your market yielding maximized, high-quality leads.