Design tips that every landing page should follow

You have eye-catching creatives, stellar copy and just the right combination of search engine keyword bids for your law firm’s digital marketing strategy. You would think the marketing materials for your firm are all fired up and ready to go, right?

Wrong. The landing page, an isolated page from your website that users are redirected to when they click on an ad, such as a Pay-Per-Click (PPC), YouTube or Facebook Ad, is a key factor in your marketing strategy. It’s critical that this page is designed in a sleek and aesthetic way that engages end-users, is easy to navigate, and is optimized for conversions.

Here are a few tips and tricks to create an optimized landing page that will make your ad campaign that much stronger, maximizing leads that are most likely to convert to new cases.

  • Include clear calls to action: Let the content of your landing page guide the user towards taking action. Be strategic with labeling the buttons on your landing page, particularly for the form submission. Your form or forms should be organized, aesthetic and stand out on the page. Ideally, there should be a form visible at the top of the webpage, as well as a footer form.

  • Utilize an engaging mix of media: Images, videos, and other kinds of interactive content help engage the user and keep them on your page longer. The overall design of the page should be clear and sleek, with visuals to match. Pay special attention to the hero image, as this is the first image that the user will see.

  • Feature clear and compelling headlines: The heading will be the first element of your landing page that the user will read. Let the message of your heading be clear and concise, and compel the user to keep reading. You also want to make sure that the copy of the page strikes a balance between being informative, as well as concise and engaging.

  • Keep it consistent with your brand: Although the landing page is stylized with clear calls to action, copy and visuals to stand out from a practice area page, it is important to ensure the page is consistent with your firm’s brand identity.

  • Establish credibility: About 83% of people will look at law firm reviews online before ultimately hiring an attorney. Incorporating reviews on landing pages can help showcase how your firm has helped others in similar situations. This is builds trust.

  • Maintain a simple navigation: Your landing page should not include the navigation you have on your main site. The purpose of the page is to be a standalone page with the goal of converting leads at this point in the marketing funnel. Therefore, keep the navigation simple and uncluttered to help ensure users stay on the page and take action.

  • Make it responsive: The landing page must not only be optimized for desktop, but for mobile as well. The majority of your target audience will be visiting your site through their phones, and your page must be responsive.

An optimized landing page is still just a piece of the puzzle that is your digital marketing campaign. If you are seeking guidance from industry professionals who know the ins and outs of legal marketing and law firm web design, look no further than Legal Communications Group.