Leverage local citations to generate more local traffic

For years, a business’s search engine performance was either determined by keyword bids or pay per click campaigns. Now, in the realm of Law Firm Search Engine Optimization, paid search ads are only the tip of the iceberg for your business’s visibility. With newer features like Google Business Profile, Google Posts and Local Service Ads, companies big and small have an increasing amount of opportunities to gain power and credibility on the local scale. Now, what does all of this mean for your law firm?

Keeping a Balance

A balanced approach to these Google features is a must for your practice’s local SEO. Google bots look for a variety of different activities on your website, including compelling questions with thorough answers within the copy, a consistent flow of high-quality blog and landing page content, and the ability to conquer the mobile Search Engine Results Page, or SERP. In addition, it should be a high priority to keep the wants and needs of the user in mind as well.

Most of the time, a user seeks out a business or service on their mobile device, and typically only responds to the top three best-reviewed search results in the GBP listing, so optimizing your mobile presence is a must. Accessibility and high ranks in the search engine build a strong foundation for a successful user experience, generating more leads and subsequent conversions.

Reviews, Reviews, Reviews

It has been proven over time that online reviews have a considerable weight on your law firm’s local SEO. A practice with positive reviews will likely attract new cases and build client loyalty more than a practice with a lesser amount, as well as increase click through rates. According to BrightLocal, review ratings are one of the biggest drivers for clicks in local SERPs.

On the flip side, a law firm with negative reviews (which are very difficult to remove) would appear off putting to potential clients. No reviews at all would leave users on the fence about taking action. Make sure your firm has a track record of ample good, consistent reviews, and don’t forget to have a genuine approach when responding.

Authentic responses to Google reviews, good or bad, will actually help boost your firm’s visibility in the search engine. They say bad press is still good press, and in this case, it still technically holds true. Google bots seek out and boost new content with high interactions, regardless of context, so make sure you take the time to address each respective review. Of course, positive reviews are still ideal for attracting new leads.

Make Your Content Count

A thoughtfully written response to each online review is important not only for your firm’s local SEO, but to promote overall brand loyalty and authenticity. This ensures a positive trend in your firm’s reputation management.

To take it a step further, utilizing Google Posts is a great way to directly communicate your firm and practice areas with users before they even click on your link. This new Google feature serves as a good preface to the webpage you intend to rank, and is located where your GBP would be. This will ensure that search engine users are seeking out and clicking on your page for all of the right reasons.

The Bottom Line

There are many in and outs to reputation management for your law firm, and the right mix of strategies is key to conquering the local SERP. Whether you are looking for new cases, trying to have a leg up over competitors, or increase brand awareness and loyalty, Google’s local SEO features will deliver results. The right approach for your law firm is entirely up to you.

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