A Glimpse into a Lawyer Television Commercial Production Shoot

June 5th, 2018
Clients posing on set after a successful personal injury law firm commercial production shoot

The partners of the Louisiana law firm Gauthier Amedee recently made the trek from Louisiana to Pennsylvania to shoot a new series of TV commercials. Legal Communications Group (LCG) was happy to welcome back André P. Gauthier and Lee “Jody” Amedee III, who are production shoot veterans. Congrats to the entire team on another successful shoot!

Although the final product looks seamless, a lot of work goes into these high-quality television commercials. But what exactly goes into the production shoots, and what can clients expect?

Let’s take a glimpse into how the shoot came together and what you can expect as a valued LCG client.

1) Picking a Date

LCG works with clients to help schedule a production shoot date that accommodates the clients’ busy schedules. The visit typically spans three days, one for travel to Philadelphia and an afternoon of practice and coaching, one for the production shoot and one for travel home. Typically, LCG arranges a new production shoot every year for each of our clients to ensure commercials are fresh and up-to-date.

LCG books accommodations for our clients and ensures transportation from the airport, to the business and the production site and dinners. That way, you can enjoy your stay. We take care of the details.

2) Crafting the Script

Months before the shoot, the team works to create a theme for the new scripts and works on the copy. LCG focuses on creating messaging that will resonate with the target audience and stand out from competitors.

For Gauthier Amedee, LCG selected a “We’ll Fight for You” theme to demonstrate how the lawyers are committed to going up against insurance companies to help those who are injured. The scripts included 13 new commercial spots for their main practice areas, including car, tractor-trailer and distracted driving accidents and personal injury, to name a few.

3) Presenting Scripts and Storyboards

Next, LCG presents the scripts and storyboards to the clients. The storyboards utilize photos of the lawyers and talent, as well as the background that will be used, to help the clients visualize how all of the assets come together. LCG clients are part of this creative process as they provide input and their edits are incorporated into the final scripts and storyboards.

4) Booking the Talent

If your scripts involve talent to convey client stories, LCG books excellent actors from talent agencies throughout the Philadelphia area. LCG carefully picks talent that best represents the script and aligns with the law firm’s demographics.

5) Meeting the Team and Acting Coaching

LCG arranges for clients to be picked up from the airport and driven to LCG to meet the entire team. The afternoon consists of an acting coaching session to make sure everyone is prepared to do an incredible job on camera the next day.

6) Lights, Camera, Action

Production day is here. Clients will be chauffeured to the production studio, which includes a modern law firm office set, state-of-the-art equipment and an experienced production team. After hair and makeup is complete, it’s time to step in front of the camera. Our team guides everyone through the entire process and helps clients bring the scripts and storyboards to life.

7) Time to Celebrate

That’s a wrap! After a day of shooting, it’s time to celebrate. LCG team members and clients enjoy a delicious dinner at a local restaurant. This gives clients a chance to relax, unwind and enjoy each other’s company.

8) Producing the Commercials

After the commercials are filmed, LCG gets to work on editing and producing the commercial series. Once the commercials are completed, they are sent for client approval. Following approval, they are sent to the stations to air the new spots.

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