The team of legal marketing experts from Legal Communications Group (LCG) recently hosted attorneys from a Harrisburg personal injury law firm at the agency’s video-production facility to produce a series of legal television commercials and web videos.

Attorney-founder Richard Freeburn and attorney Gregg Freeburn of Freeburn Hamilton visited the LCG production facility to create TV spots for the firm’s services. The ads focused on those who require legal assistance after being injured in Motor-Vehicle, Commercial-Vehicle and Motorcycle accidents. At the same time, LCG also created a series of highly informative web videos in which Freeburn Hamilton educates viewers on insurance protections against uninsured/underinsured motorists—as well as the insurance-appraisal process.

About Freeburn Hamilton

The experienced attorneys at Freeburn Hamilton have come together to form one of the leading accident, Workers' Compensation, and personal injury law firms in Central Pennsylvania. The team focuses on helping injured clients receive the medical treatment and financial compensation they deserve after suffering a serious injury. This Harrisburg firm represents clients throughout the region in personal injury, wrongful death, product liability, and Workers’ Compensation matters.

How We Work

Throughout our long-standing relationship, Legal Communications Group has helped Freeburn Hamilton create effective, targeted messaging that supports the law firm’s wide array of services. Freeburn Hamilton relies on LCG to carefully craft their television advertising, print collateral, and web presence—all designed to help the firm connect effectively with its diverse client base.

About Legal Communications Group

Legal Communications Group (LCG) is an award-winning, national advertising agency. LCG offers full-service marketing and advertising with a focus on Personal Injury Firms—using high-impact, comprehensive marketing campaigns to transform firms into powerhouse brands since 1985.

With services that include television production, corporate branding, web design, print collateral, digital services, and media buying; LCG creates effective messaging that speaks directly to the target audience to inspire actionable results. Call Legal Communications Group today 215-364-8828.