Case Study: Caddell Reynolds

Brand Refresh

The Concern.

In 2018, Arkansas-based law firm, Caddell Reynolds, was faced with brand challenges typical for mature firms looking for growth in an increasingly overcrowded marketplace. As competition in the market increased, Caddell Reynolds struggled to maintain the momentum and quality in case load that had fueled their initial growth. To regain their position as the region’s premier personal injury firm, Caddell Reynolds turned to Legal Communications group to overhaul their marketing strategy.

The Plan.

Following in-depth exploration of Caddell Reynolds' competitive environment, brand attributes, unique audience needs and long-term business goals, Legal Communications Group created and implemented a cohesive, custom-tailored strategy designed to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Reinforce the brands unique identity and value proposition in the market
  • Position the firm as the region’s first choice in personal injury practice
  • Optimize brand messaging and tactics to reflect the modern customer journey

To position the brand for a new era of success, we developed:

  • An updated, distinct brand identity reflective of Caddell Reynolds’ core values
  • A new and user-friendly website to attract, educate and convert visitors
  • A robust content and social media strategy to engage users and compel those in need of their help to contact the firm
  • A refreshed media strategy, utilizing a balanced mix of traditional and digital channels, to guide audiences from the top of the funnel through conversion
  • A custom messaging strategy to distinguish the brand from the competition

The Results.

This robust and comprehensive strategy yielded significant, measurable results immediately and over time for Caddell Reynolds. Driven by a lift in awareness and improved brand sentiment, unique website visits increased by 131% while organic search results increased up to 78%. Ultimately, the firm was able to increase caseload by a remarkable 195% over the course of two years, fueling growth within the firm and expansion into new markets.


131% Increase

Unique Website Visits

78% Increase

Organic Search Results

195% Increase

Firm Caseloads

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