10 Apr 2017

Streamline The Intake Process With Empathy, Urgency & Accurate Data Collection

Right now your law firm is fielding over 300 new case leads a month. These calls come from a variety of people who either have a significant injury claim, who have a case that your firm does not handle or ...

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23 Feb 2017

Legal Communications Group Clients Enjoy Annual Retreat

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Legal Communications Group annual client retreat is in full swing down in Orlando, Florida. The Mission of the LCG client retreat is for founders of highly successful law firms to be able to get together and share, learn and grow ...

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27 Jan 2017

Remembering The Holocaust & Honoring Its Survivors on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Yam Hashoah

Today is Yam Hashoah or International Holocaust Remembrance Day, which is in memory of the victims of The Holocaust. The UN General Assembly Resolution 60/7 designated this date on Nov 1, 2005. On January 27th in 1945, is when the ...

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16 Dec 2016

Local Talk TV Shows Help Increase Lawyers Ratings and Consumer Loyalty

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Many law firms utilize strategies such as TV advertising, Google PPC, social media and more. With so many law firms utilizing these same tactics, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd. The team at Legal Communications Group ...

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18 Nov 2016

Creating a Client-Keeping Vision Within Your Law Practice

customer engagement, client engagement, law firm client service, law firm marketing, law firm advertising, legal marketing specialists, corporate mission statement, corporate vision, law firm advertising

A Company Vision To Live By Personal Injury law firms are in the business of helping people. Your law firm staff and all attorneys should be communicating to all clients and prospects with compassion, integrity and care. Helping people find ...

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07 Nov 2016

Check Out October’s Top-Rated TV Programming!

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Does your TV Advertising campaign include these shows & networks? Do you ever wonder which TV shows are capturing the most eyeballs in your market? An impactful television advertising campaign is one of the most effective ways to boost brand ...

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02 Nov 2016

Television Advertising Greatly Increases Lead Gen and New Case Sign Ups

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A strategic television advertising campaign is a key ingredient to ensure that your personal injury law practice will continue to grow and dominate in your marketplace. Do you know what percentage of market share you have currently? Do your TV ...

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27 Sep 2016

First 2016 Presidential Debate Attracts Record Number of Cable and Online Viewers

2016 presidential debates, presidential debates, election 2016, presidential election, political audience

The 2016 Presidential Debates are among the most highly-anticipated television events of the year. Last night, a record-breaking number of Americans tuned in to the first of three Presidential debates. All Presidential Debates will be carried on major cable news ...

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09 Sep 2016

Legal Communications Group Takes TV Commercial Production to the Next Level With New Drone Technology

law firm television advertising, tv commercial production, tv commercials for lawyers, law firm television advertising, legal tv advertising specialists, drone camera technology

When it comes to producing high-impact, super high quality personal injury TV commercials, Legal Communications Group is always looking for new ways to deliver a strong and memorable message. Our goal as a creative agency is to stay ahead of ...

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07 Sep 2016

LCG Clients Daggett Shuler Law Shoot Fun, Innovative New TV Commercial Series in Philadelphia!

law firm television commercials, tv advertising for lawyers, tv commercials for law firms, personal injury law firm tv commercials, lawyer advertising, tv production

Our wonderful clients David Daggett and Griff Shuler from Daggett Shuler Law in Winston-Salem, NC were just in Philadelphia shooting a new series of high-impact TV commercials. We wanted to create a new series of ads that were totally new ...

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