Television Commercial Production

Lights, Camera, Action!

If your competitors are advertising on television and you’re not, you are losing business. It’s just that simple. Television is still the most effective medium for casting a wide net and getting the most eyeballs on your brand and your firm as possible. At Legal Communications Group, our law firm advertising specialists know how to leverage this tool better than anyone.

Legal Communications Group has over 30 years of experience delivering robust, full service television advertising campaigns for our clients. We take an end-to-end approach on every television commercial, and will create, shoot, and implement TV spots that are catered specifically to your firm’s needs.TV Production Servies Image

At Legal Communications Group we can deliver the maximum impact for your advertising dollar because we handle every step of the TV commercial production process in-house.

At Legal Communications Group, we tackle every TV commercial production detail from start to finish, including:

• Creative script writing and storyboards
• A professional, on-site production team using only the latest and greatest equipment
• Teleprompter on-site
• Fully curated and incredibly detailed set design
• Top-notch Director, on-screen talent, Make-up & Wardrobe stylists
• Instruction from renowned acting coach Patrick McDade
• Full after-effects production, special effects and much more

Whether you are in need of a fresh approach to your television advertising or are jumping into the game for the first time, Legal Communications Group will maximize your ROI and deliver a customer experience that puts the needs of your firm above all else.

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