Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Don’t Ignore the Power of Social Media.

Social media usage has only increased in recent years. In fact, nearly 70% of the U.S. population has at least one social media account. Americans are reported to spend an average of just over 2 hours a day scrolling through social media. 

This offers law firms a unique opportunity to engage with your audience where they are spending a majority of their downtime- scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. 


Paid Advertising

At Legal Communications Group, our creative team develops high-quality, engaging, and educational content, specialized to practice areas. 

Our team is dedicated to developing custom and original content that engages your viewers. We brainstorm topics, carefully craft copy and work side-by-side with our skilled design team to make the concepts come to life in vibrant and memorable ways. 

We promote the content, whether it is a custom video, infographic or quiz, via Facebook advertising. Facebook offers the ability to target in a myriad of ways, including demographics, location, age, interests and more. Our skilled team researches your target audience and utilizes this data for an effective targeting strategy. 

The combination of custom-content and detailed targeting makes a powerful impact on social media. We have run effective Facebook Ad campaigns for various clients in multiple practice areas ranging from Social Security Disability, Nursing Home Abuse, Dangerous Drugs and more.

In addition to a paid social media strategy, it’s important not to overlook an organic social media strategy. Your current audience of followers, including past clients, need fresh content posted on a regular basis for them to engage with. Also, prospective clients will often view social media pages to help gain more perspective on your brand. 

The quality of content and frequency of your posts can shape potential clients' opinions about your firm’s personality and trustworthiness. They will want to see social media pages that are active and up-to-date with a solid marketing strategy. 

At Legal Communications Group, our team creates cohesive and impactful organic social media content plans. We design and develop original content throughout the year to engage with your followers. The dynamic content, from the copy to design are tailored to your brand and developed to stand out and thoughtfully engage your audience.

Organic Content


Revamp Your Social Media Strategy

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