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Harness The Power of Social Media to Showcase Your Value.

Often, social media for lawyers is treated as an afterthought in the overall marketing strategy. Yet, creating and executing a robust law firm social media strategy is pivotal to building your brand’s image, client acquisition and engaging with past clients.

When we look at consumer habits, it may not be a surprise that nearly 70% of the U.S. population log onto at least one social media account for an average of two hours every. This offers law firms a unique opportunity to engage with your audience where they are spending their time, making social media marketing for law firms one of the most powerful tools at your fingertips.

Other firms may recognize that social is a necessary element of their marketing mix, but don’t know how to pin it down to get the results they want. This is partially due to social media users becoming more and more resistant to promotional and sponsored content, quickly rejecting the inauthentic and gravitating towards what speaks to and resonates with them.

Ultimately, clicking “create account” is only the baseline to winning users’ attention and consideration. Defined goals, thoughtful research and messaging, targeting and careful execution are what ultimately propel your law firm’s brand towards success on socials.

Lawyer Facebook Ads That Convert


At LCG, our strategy for social media marketing for lawyers builds your firm’s credibility, build trust, and establish rapport by applying proven strategies, including:

Custom Content Development: We meticulously research and craft content designed to reimagine complicated legal topics as interactive, informative and engaging thought leadership content. Infographics, quizzes, and videos are just a few ways our creative team makes a lasting impression through engaging copy, innovative design, and the most effective mix of mediums.

Paid Strategy: Support your organic social media presence with paid strategies that amplify your message and reach beyond your organic audience through precise targeting. Age, gender, location, and interests are just a few variables we consider in our research to build custom, target audiences aligned with your campaigns.

Organic Strategy: Establish memorable connections and leave a lasting impression on new and prospective clients through engaging, dynamic, and consistent organic content. Through your organic strategy, we put your brand’s personality front and center and build a loyal community.

Testing: Our data-driven approach to content creation allows us to analyze how different variables, such as photos, video, copy, and targeting strategies affect your brand’s performance. Understanding audience behavior beyond followers and likes and consistently testing these variables helps to ensure your socials’ ongoing success.

Monitoring and Reporting: Depending on your unique goals and objectives, we evaluate your campaigns’ performance using key metrics such as:

  • Awareness
  • Engagement
  • Brand sentiment
  • Referrals and conversions
  • Customer response rate

With a razor-sharp social media strategy, your law firm will not only drive qualified website traffic and attract promising new leads, but it will foster loyalty among past clients. Connecting with these distinct audiences will position your brand as the best choice for your legal services.

Engaging Social Media Content for Law Firms


Reimagine Your Brand’s Potential

Never underestimate the power of social media for attorneys to elevate your law firm. By harnessing social media for everything it has to offer, you consistently connect with your target audience at a critical point in the marketing funnel.

However, with the everyday demands of managing a law firm, law firm social media management could prove to be a challenge alone. At Legal Communications Group, we offer the full scope of attorney social media services, from content creation to ad deployment, so you can dedicate your undivided attention to your cases. Ready to get started? Contact us by submitting a form below or calling our office at 215-364-8828 today.

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