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Our digital marketing services are based on superior strategies that drive prospects to take action and convert. Your digital presence will dominate in spaces that matter most to you.

Websites That Elevate User Experience And Drive Conversions

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Our approach to website development centers on building custom, modern websites that make your firm stand out in a saturated market, reflect your unique value and clearly demonstrate why your firm is the right one to call. Through fusing polished design that reflects your brand with an organized and thoughtful information architecture, we create a seamless and intuitive user experience across all devices.

Our Goals:

  • Optimize Search Rankings
  • Establish Trust
  • Drive Conversions

Our Websites Are:

  • Responsive for all devices; such as desktops, tablets and phones
  • Coded with proper HTML structure and free of errors
  • Conforming to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
  • Able to load quickly on mobile and desktop devices
  • Free from broken links and technical SEO errors
  • Designed with high quality images and video content
  • Simple for users to contact the law firm

Dominate In The Digital Spaces That Matter

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Search Engine Marketing That Propels Authority, Engagement And Conversions

Website design and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) go hand-in-hand. That's why our team deploys proven SEM strategies that blend robust organic and paid initiatives for maximum impact.

During the web development process and beyond, our team regularly implements the latest SEO strategies. These efforts optimize your website content to lead the search engine rankings. 

We take this a step further, and consistently develop additional content outside the traditional web copy scope, such as landing pages, blogs and video. This unique content engages audiences during the critical law firm research and consideration stages. The addition of regular, quality content also keeps your site up-to-date, drives traffic and improves SEO rankings.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a collection of techniques used to improve the structure or content of a website to increase visibility to search engines. These methods improve organic search rankings and often result in increased site traffic.

What is mobile SEO?

Mobile search engine optimization is the method used to improve search rankings on smartphones and tablets. Many of our clients are seeing 70-80% of their users coming from mobile devices further increasing the importance of mobile optimization.

Social Media Advertising To Connect and Convert

To harness the power of social media, we begin by developing a comprehensive organic strategy. Through diligent topic research and visionary creative design, we build quality content that is engaging, dynamic, educational, and consistent. 

Implementation of your organic strategy will help to:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive engagement
  • Build brand credibility
  • Increase customer confidence
  • Foster ambassadorship with base of past clients
Organic efforts are bolstered by a paid strategy, driven by precise targeting to reach your ideal target audience. We consistently set defined goals, conduct thoughtful research and test and monitor to optimize your paid campaigns.

Deployment of your paid strategy will help to:

  • Amplify valuable content
  • Reach audiences beyond the organic audience base
  • Reach more qualified audiences through better targeting
  • Drive more qualified website traffic
  • Increase leads
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Our seasoned, multi-disciplinary team provides impactful marketing solutions that are tailored to your firm. Equipped with visionary creative, powerful messaging, and custom, omnichannel strategies, your law firm will break through the crowded legal marketing space and convert.
Legal Communications has created and produced great content that has helped us remain the premier legal brand in our market while keeping our brand identity and growth objectives in the forefront. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to grow their practice.
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Our Reviews

David Henson
"The team at Legal Communications Group is fantastic!  They are a comprehensive, one-stop agency that handles all of our advertising needs.  If you are looking for an agency with personalized attention, quick response and effective ad campaigns- this is your group!"
David Henson
Henson Fuerst Attorneys
David Daggett
"Legal Comunications Group's work can't be beat. Our reputation and success are as important to them as it is to us, and it shows every day."
David Daggett
Daggett Shuler Law
Tom Yost
"I unequivocally recommend Legal Communications Group to any personal injury law firm that is interested in increasing its presence either locally or nationally. I have been a client for over 20 years, and they have been, and are critical to my firm's growth."
Thomas Yost
The Yost Law Firm