Digital Marketing for Lawyers

Is Your Law Firm’s Digital Marketing Strategy Set Up for Success?

Web Marketing for Personal Injury LawyersIt is more important than ever to develop a successful digital strategy for your personal injury law practice.

There are many key factors that will go into a strategic marketing plan to help improve your site rankings, drive more leads to your site and maximize lead generation.

Our proven digital marketing campaigns for personal injury attorneys are comprised of fundamental elements. Our experienced team will:

At Legal Communications Group, we can:

  • Formulate a search marketing strategy to help clients find you organically
  • Implement the latest social and content marketing techniques to increase your visibility online
  • Increase ROI from your law firm’s digital marketing campaign
  • Track website and lead gen performance using Google Analytics and other metric tracking tools
  • Review your current web marketing practices
  • Provide insight into your current content creation and social media strategies
  • Review your email marketing program and database
  • Optimize your website using SEO best practices

Web marketing strategies to generate qualified leads

Our goal is to drive substantial improvement across your digital marketing campaigns. We work with you to create a clear framework for your marketing plan, and set clear objectives throughout the process.

Legal Communications Group understands the fundamental elements of SEO (search engine optimization) and Paid Search. We will focus on Conversion Rate Optimization, a crucial discipline that lies at the heart of driving ROI from all digital marketing activity.

All websites are equipped with conversion tracking, and ad copy variances will be tested to which messaging yields more leads.

Find Targeted Leads with an Optimized Paid Search Campaign

  • Google AdWords: Perform a full review of your AdWords campaign and make revisions to improve lead gen.
  • Campaign Setup: Create a new AdWords campaign that is structured for best practice and peak performance.
  • Google Display Network: Set up, manage and monitor a GDN paid campaign.
  • YouTube PPC: Generate thousands of views each month to yield new case leads through a video marketing campaign.
  • Budget Allocation: Implement a multi-tiered digital campaign with set budgets for each strategy.
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Enhanced Online Visibility with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • SEO 101: Apply our LCG SEO Checklist to improve your rankings in the search engines.
  • Keyword Research: Implement best practice keyword research to learn how your clients find you online.
  • Local SEO: We focus on optimizing your business to drive organic traffic from your local target areas.
  • Link Building: Obtain high-quality links to your website to increase the credibility of your website.
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Conversion Rate Optimization to Drive More Leads

  • Value Proposition Optimization: Improve your value proposition and increase conversions through better headlines, superior graphics, more videos and stronger calls to action.
  • Conversion Audit: Review website conversions for quality-assurance.
  • A/B Testing: Test ad copy, calls to action, videos, banners and other A/B tests to identify the strongest combinations to maximize conversions and ROI.

An Intelligent Social Media Strategy

  • Platform Strategy: Develop a social strategy using the platforms that best fit your practice.
  • Community Engagement: Work to engage and grow your targeted community, allowing for greater outreach.
  • Email Marketing Strategy: Engage users and grow your email database list through effective email marketing tactics.
  • Facebook Re-targeting: Promote your law firm locally on Facebook to stay in front of potential clients.
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