TV Media Buying

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As a Personal Injury Law Firm, you need a television advertising campaign that will keep you top-of-mind whenever someone in your market is injured in an accident that was not their fault.

At Legal Communications Group, we understand how to navigate the complex world of law firm advertising in order to create TV media buying campaigns that are compelling, effective, and deliver tons of new case leads.

Legal Communications Group is known as one of the strongest media buying services for law firm advertising, and for good reason. We not only design and develop the creative and messaging strategies, we also know how to effectively deliver that message to your target audience.TVMediaBuyingOur unique law firm media buying strategy and cost effective implementation means that with Legal Communications Group, your media buying dollars go further than they will with any of our competitors.

  • Legal Communications Group will select prime TV ad placement to specifically reach your target audience within your budget.
  • Our negotiation skills far surpass most agencies because we always go the extra mile with our cost analysis strategy.
  • Legal Communications Group secures thousands of dollars in bonus advertising on every TV campaign, and we pass those savings on to you.

The Legal Communications Group approach is unique because of the relationships we have built over time with TV stations all across the country. Our negotiating power cannot be duplicated because it is built on years of trust, experience, and proven results.

Local Media Buying

Secure new clients right in your own backyard! At Legal Communications Group, we can cater your advertising budget, placement and messaging to reach people in your law firm’s neighborhood and community.

Grow your law firm’s local presence and dominate your market with a Local Media Buying campaign designed by Legal Communications Group.

No one knows your law firm’s market better than you, but our detailed market research will help us offer new insights and craft the right advertisement.

If you have a message that you feel will resonate with the members of your community and get your phones ringing off the hook, Legal Communications Group has the skill and experience to get the most out of your advertising budget.

Regional Media Buying

Is your personal injury law firm ready to expand and reach new clients outside of your town or city? Trust Legal Communications Group to develop a Regional Media Buying campaign that will fit your law firm’s goals and budget.

Legal Communications Group will start by conducting extensive market research on any area where your firm is looking to attract new clients.

Our analysis helps us develop the right messaging that will increase your brand recognition, win new market share and successfully deliver your message to a wider audience. At Legal Communications Group, our law firm marketing specialists have the skill and experience your law firm needs in order to become the most sought-after firm in your region.

National Media Buying

If your firm is handling a national mass tort campaign, you will need a comprehensive and cost-effective method for getting the attention of potential clients from coast to coast. This can be a daunting task, but Legal Communications Group knows how to successfully handle all types of national advertising and mass tort campaigns.

Our Media Buying specialists have built strong relationships with influential TV station representatives from New York to Los Angeles, and everywhere in between. Our Media Buying specialists know how to aggressively negotiate in order to secure the best rates for your national advertising campaign, and our team can even secure thousands of dollars in bonus advertising from major TV stations.

The bigger your campaign, the harder Legal Communications Group works to maximize your ROI and achieve results.

Direct Response

At Legal Communications Group, the messaging and placement of our ads inspire immediate action from your target audience. Do you have a time-sensitive message to deliver that requires a direct response?

Legal Communications Group can craft messaging and creative for your law firm that will get members of your target audience to act fast.

No matter what message your law firm is looking to deliver, Legal Communications Group will help position your message effectively and get the job done.

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