TV & Media Placement That Wins Clients

TV/Video Production That Wins Clients

We Make Your Commercials Rise Above the Noise.

At Legal Communications, we work to develop compelling themes and scripts that are custom-tailored to your brand’s vision and your audience’s needs. Through fully understanding who you and your audience are, we are able to paint a picture aligned your brand story, elicit an emotional response and establish connections with who you really want to reach. This way, your firm will stand out, attracting your most promising audience that will funnel down to signed cases.

We offer the full scope of strategic TV commercial production. Our team has years of experience crafting impactful, dynamic law firm commercials from beginning to end. Our agency will meet and exceed all your TV production needs, from scriptwriting and storyboarding to filming and post-production and placement.

Television is the most effective advertising medium for law firms to achieve maximum reach.

Though TV commercials are crucial for catching consumers’ attention, branded content guides them down the funnel towards taking action. Without a robust and effective strategy, the video content creation process could be misguided, and as you market your law firm, the last thing you need is bad execution of good ideas. Our creative team has decades of experience creating sophisticated and compelling concepts that work.

Our carefully crafted concepts epitomize your brand, engaging and retaining your most optimized audience while aligning closely with your unique brand strategy.

Branded Video Content that Converts Viewers to Signed Cases

With usually less than a minute to tell your story and resonate with your consumer market, every second counts to make a lasting impression.

High-Impact Television & Video. Just Watch and Learn.

Legal Communications Group’s TV and digital video work also go beyond just commercials to including, but not limited to:

  • Brand Films
  •  Educational Videos
  • Company Culture Videos
  • Testimonials
  •  Interview/Q&A
  •  FAQ Videos
  • Social Media/Pre-Roll Ads

With all these possibilities for your firm’s video content, you may wonder which is best for your brand.

That is why we take the time to get to know the ins and outs of your firm and determine its most impactful strategy before getting to work.  View a sample of our work below, and contact us for more examples!

Bringing Your Message to the Masses

Developing a campaign that helps you stand out from the pack is only part of the story.

A solid media strategy is the key to achieving an effective and efficient presence in the market. We start by surveying your brand's current position in the marketplace and identifying market influencing conditions in order to determine where opportunities for effective reach exist.

  • lcg-landing-page-master-brand-icon-comp-strategy-1-01

    Competitive Strategies

  • lcg-landing-page-master-brand-icon-audience-demographic-1-01

    Audience Demographics

  • lcg-landing-page-master-brand-icon-geography-1-01


  • lcg-landing-page-master-brand-icon-available-balance-1-01

    Available Budget


Once we've identified these external forces we look at modern consumer media habits and audience penetration in your specific market, whether broadcast TV, out-of-home or social media, to determine the optimal mix.

  • lcg-landing-page-master-brand-icon-broadcast-1-01

    Broadcast/Cable TV

  • lcg-landing-page-master-brand-icon-connected-tv-1-01

    Connected TV/OTT

  • lcg-landing-page-master-brand-icon-radio-1-01


  • lcg-landing-page-master-brand-icon-ooh-1-01


  • lcg-landing-page-master-brand-icon-streaming-audio-1-01

    Streaming Audio

  • lcg-landing-page-master-brand-icon-digital-display-2a-01

    Digital Display

With a comprehensive media strategy as our foundation, we continuously measure and optimize performance to ensure we're always reaching your potential audience at the right place; at the right time. This approach not only works to reach prospects in their immediate moment of need, but helps to establish first choice, top-of-mind awareness against future prospects.


Whether you warrant a fresh approach to your television advertising or are jumping into the game for the first time, Legal Communications Group will meticulously deliver a mix of commercials and digital content that are tailored to your brand and set the tone for your consumer journey with unmatched creativity

Legal Communications Group’s creative team has the vision and innovation to make your brand come to life. Give us a call at 215-364-8828 extension 3 or fill out and submit the contact form below.

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