Television Advertising Greatly Increases Lead Gen and New Case Sign Ups

November 2nd, 2016
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A strategic television advertising campaign is a key ingredient to ensure that your personal injury law practice will continue to grow and dominate in your marketplace.

Do you know what percentage of market share you have currently?

Do your TV commercials communicate the core values of your law practice?

A successful television advertising campaign will incorporate a number of goals:

  1. Create a strong brand presence in your specific geo-target area
  2. Reach your target demographic; age, income, interests, etc.
  3. Distinguish you from your competition; what are your differentiating factors
  4. Frequency is more important than reach for generating new case leads
  5. 80% of the buy should be placed during business hours M-F 9am-5pm
  6. A combination of :30 and :15’s will help with added frequency & exposure
  7. A creative messaging platform that resonates with your target audience

Every successful television campaign has a strategic, well thought out plan.

At Legal Communications Group, we recommend clients to switch up their television creative every 8-10 months. This ensures your law firm remains relevant and competitive, especially with the frequency that your TV commercials run.

When developing your personal injury law firms TV Commercials, there are several key factors that will ensure a powerful response rate:

  • A Memorable Slogan. This is the perfect opportunity to create an identity for your personal injury law firm brand that reflects your firms core values
  • Call To Action. Provide a solution. Create a short, unique call to action and make it easy for clients to reach you.
  • Easy Phone Number. Use a phone number that is easy for consumers to remember. The simpler the number, the more likely the consumer is to call in the future. Beware of mnemonic numbers and double-digit dialers.
  • High Quality Production. In order to stand out amongst your top competition, and make the right impressions, it is important that your personal injury lawyer TV commercials are of the highest professional quality and innovative as possible.

Delivering a solid message with heart will help clients trust your law firm and furthermore increase lead gen and new case sign-ups. When you have a strong brand reputation, your personal injury law firm will thrive and float to the top amongst the competition.

For over 30 years, the television-advertising experts at Legal Communications Group have been strategizing strong deliverables to help personal injury law firms grow. We offer a level of production quality and attention to detail that not many legal marketing firms can match.

Constantly looking for innovative techniques to advance our expertise in television advertising, our clients depend on us delivering the maximum impact for their advertising dollars.

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