Streamline The Intake Process With Empathy, Urgency & Accurate Data Collection

April 10th, 2017

Right now your law firm is fielding over 300 new case leads a month. These calls come from a
variety of people who either have a significant injury claim, who have a case that your firm does not handle or who are in a bad situation, but do not have a viable claim at this time.

Every caller has personal motivation for calling (ex: Just totaled car in MVA so can’t go to work).
Now they are looking for assurance & confidence. Be their “rock” when they call your law firm. Show them you can help guide them through the process.

The only way to beat out 5-6 other firms is by having a “Stand Out” conversation during intake
throughout the entire case process.

Be Grateful for the call…

1. Control The Call.
How many times does a person call the firm, and they begin to tell thier story, and you just
let them go on and on and on? Well that is not controlling the call. When the call begins you
need to take charge, and ask the questions. And you need to be empathetic, but continue to
control the call, especially when the caller wants to speak about lots of issues that are not
relevant to you ascertaining whether or not this is a “viable new case call”.

2. Qualify The Call In The First 60 Seconds.
Be clear, and ask concise questions, to help you get to the “core” of the problem, to properly
identify is this a viable new case lead or not?

3. Always Be Empathetic.
No matter what, always be empathetic, but manage your calls. After you secure the initial pertinent
information… First name, last name, best number to reach you, what type of case are you calling about?, What injuries did you sustain? How did you hear about the firm, email if they will give it. Say Thank you a lot. And I’m so sorry to hear that a lot. And I’m sorry you are going through this. And We can help you. Don’t worry about anything, we’ll take of this for you.

4. Don’t Let A Valuable Case Fall Through The Cracks.
Be careful, listen closely, and do not let any business slip through the cracks. Is there a case within a
case? Ask the rights questions. Be engaged. Be present. Instill professionalism and strength, and the
caller will feel safe and supported.

5. Urgency.
Make sure that your staff is trained to qualify a call within the first 60 seconds of a call, then if there are injuries get the person signed same day. Ask the caller if they can come into the office in the next few hours so you can begin immediately helping them, and protecting their rights. And if the client can not come to you, try to schedule a time within three hours of the call to go out and meet with them. If you get the person to come to you or if you go to them within three hours of the call, you have a 90% chance of signing them up. If you let things go until the next day or next week, chances are they will sign with another firm, and you will lose the business.

6. Accurate Data Collection.
Make sure you collect the correct name, phone number, email, etc, and then use it for future marketing.

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