Television Advertising

Reach potential clients when they are watching.

  • Is your local or national lawyer TV advertising campaign securing the greatest number of leads while still maintaining the highest level of professionalism for your personal injury firm?
  • How often do you change your messaging strategy?
  • Are you getting the maximum exposure from your TV media dollars?

Somewhere right now, your target audience is in front of a TV.
Regardless of what they are watching, those who are in need of justice are easy to locate, and are now just one phone call away.

A creative media strategy can target your firm’s main demographic with near pinpoint accuracy. You’ve seen them on late night shows and daytime programs: your competitor’s TV commercials.

No matter the caliber of the commercial, extraordinary or mediocre, your competitors are out there to grow their plaintiff practice. If your competitors are advertising and you’re not, you are losing business.

Personal Injury Lawyer TV Advertising

What we do: Legal Communications Group will research your market, negotiate your media buy, produce your law firm TV commercials, then implement and manage your entire TV advertising effort.

We’ll write and produce ads that improve the reputation of your firm and instill confidence in thousands of potential clients. We promote your law firm’s brand with the help of our talented producers and directors, delivering a superior production quality that stands above most other lawyer TV commercials. Yes, that’s a big statement. And we stand behind it!

Legal Communications Group conducts a competition analysis to identify how your competitors are leveraging TV ad time in your market. We analyze industry trends and research what your target audience wants to hear. We then write, produce and put into motion a lawyer TV advertising campaign that brings you not only new calls, but new cases.

Our Services Include:

Why you need a strong Television Marketing Strategy.
Television commercials can serve dual purposes for law firms and their potential clients. Lawyer TV commercials can reach large demographics of victims, both aware and unaware of their right to counsel.

They also bring firms greater return on investment than other forms of marketing. The creativity, messaging and “goal” of your law firm TV commercials will have a huge impact on the successfulness of the commercial. Your spot should be written with a big direct response hook. You want your commercials to bring immediate calls, a much stronger call to action then your typical yogurt ad.

When a consumer is hurt in an accident, they’re feeling a great deal of emotion and stress, feeling alone, confused and often times, not sure of where to turn. When a patient leaves the hospital the medical bills start piling up.

Most victims of wrongdoing have no idea what their case or claim is valued. They need your help. And they’ll only learn about you and your extraordinary services if you tell them. And through mass media like television advertising for law firms, will your message reach the masses.

Even with all of the legal TV advertising out there, many potential claimants don’t even know they have a viable case. Or they may have been misinformed of their rights and need a second opinion.

A quality produced TV commercial series and a strategically placed TV media buy will help educate potential clients and build your case load faster than any other medium. Claimants in need of worthy representation will think to call you first.

With the proper planning, negotiations, and monitoring, Legal Communications Group can tailor a local or national TV media buy for your firm.

Don’t keep losing clients to your competitors, call us today to see how we can help your firm grow and increase your current ROI.

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