Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

In addition to making sure your website ranks high in “organic” search engine results, the digital marketing specialists at Legal Communications Group can also purchase specifically targeted “pay-per-click” (PPC) advertisements to help grow your online presence.

When executed correctly, paid advertisements can instantly bring your law firm’s ads to the top of 1st page rankings on Google for specific search terms. At Legal Communications Group, we have the experience and knowledge necessary to choose the most effective messaging and keyword phrases that will maximize ROI on your PPC budget.


By implementing a PPC strategy, you assert control over your digital marketing campaign. Control your budget. Control the location of your audience. Control the terms for which you want to be found.

Legal Communications Group will:

  • Create a strong keyword list geared towards specific search terms
  • Complete a competition analysis to determine the best bids for your keywords
  • Select targeted keywords and phrases to ensure qualified leads
  • Write strategic ad copy that compels potential clients to click through to your website
  • Manage & modify each campaign on a weekly basis for optimum effectiveness

We will construct your campaign in such a way that your ads display on the first page of the Google results, achieving maximum exposure to the audience who is looking for your search terms.

Pay-Per-Click advertising also offers the benefit of in-depth reporting. Legal Communications Group tracks which ads bring in the most leads and alter your campaigns to ensure the ads that convert leads receive the largest portion of your budget.

At Legal Communications Group, our SEO and PPC strategies work together to create the strongest overall digital marketing campaign for your law firm. We build campaigns that deliver optimal results based on your individual budget. To learn more about implementing a PPC strategy, call Legal Communications Group today at 800-269-9100 to learn what makes our law firm marketing specialists so unique. We have been increasing Case Loads and Maximizing ROI Since 1985.


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