Outdoor & Transit

The daily commute is an exciting opportunity for your personal injury law firm to connect with your target audience. Every day, thousands of potential clients are seeing billboard ads, as well as ads on buses and trains, that could be carrying your law firm’s messaging.

Don’t lose this valuable ad space to your competition. Let Legal Communications Group develop a strategy that helps you leverage Outdoor & Transit advertising to dominate your market.

OutdoorLegal Communications Group will secure the best rates and locations for all of your law firm’s Outdoor and Transit advertising. Our Media Buying specialists will make sure that your ads stand out from the crowd and capture the attention of your target audience. We have over 30 years of experience developing ads and creative messaging that make commuters stop and take notice.

Our Outdoor and Transit ad campaigns include:

• Highway billboard ads
• Public bus ads
• Train and subway station ads
• Taxi ads
• Bench ads
• Exterior ads on your law firm’s office
• And more…

Mark your law firm’s territory and secure the best rates on billboard and transit advertisements with Legal Communications Group. Trust our Media Buying specialists to keep you top-of-mind for all potential clients in your market in need of legal representation. When potential new clients see your law firm’s ads during their commute every day, you will notice a sharp increase in brand recognition almost immediately.

Outdoor & Transit ads from Legal Communications Group are a smart, cost-effective way to maximize your ROI and generate new case leads. Call us today at 1-800-454-4300 or email us at loniliss@loniliss.com to learn what we can accomplish for your law firm.



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