Legal Communications Group Welcomes New Client Caddell Reynolds to our Family of Law Firm Clients

January 31st, 2018
Caddell Reynolds Photo Shoot

New clients Fred Caddell and Bill Reynolds, partners at Caddell Reynolds law firm, flew into Philadelphia recently to shoot brand new lawyer TV commercials.

The creative process began with a phone call. Legal Communications Group, the leading advertising agency for lawyers, was tasked with producing a unique and compelling TV commercial series that would push through the clutter of so many lawyer TV commercials.

We were very excited to get to work with our new clients. We shot an extensive portfolio of high quality, direct response lawyer TV commercials to best showcase our clients’ top-notch legal services.

The new commercial series focuses on various practice areas, including personal injury, distracted driving, social security disability and bankruptcy. The commercials share stories of real-life clients that Caddell Reynolds has helped, with strong calls to action to “make the right call” to Caddell Reynolds for help.

Lawyer TV Commercial Help

A big shout out to our amazing production team of scriptwriters, acting coaches, videographers and the entire production crew that made the commercial shoot a success. We want to especially thank Fred and Bill, who made our jobs easy because they were so awesome on camera.

Do you want to take your lawyer TV commercials to a whole new level? Legal Communications Group has the vision and experience to take you there.

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Lawyer TV Commercial Photo Shoot

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