Legal Communications Group Takes TV Commercial Production to the Next Level With New Drone Technology

September 9th, 2016
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When it comes to producing high-impact, super high quality personal injury TV commercials, Legal Communications Group is always looking for new ways to deliver a strong and memorable message. Our goal as a creative agency is to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology enhancing tools.

Legal Communications Group has incorporated new drone camera technology to our arsenal of top-notch production equipment. With our new eye in the sky, we can now capture beautiful scenery shots, high-end overviews, and produce cutting edge visuals to enhance TV commercial appeal.

The drone’s stabilized, high definition camera allows us to capture very high quality detail, from numerous different eye levels, that a regular camera on a dolly, tripod or drive-by just can not achieve.

This past week, our Drone, “Buddy”, shot amazing footage for a new, and highly innovative TV commercial series for our clients Daggett Shuler. The commercial concept compares the commitment, determination and success of being an athlete to the strong, committed trial lawyers at Daggett Shuler Law.

We shot footage from above of our clients jogging in a beautiful park, playing soccer with semi-pro soccer players, and biking on the road with a road bike and motorcycle for a bike safety commercial.

These innovative, eye-catching TV commercials will set our clients apart from all of the other lawyer ads in their market. These ads will be unique and different and truly help to capture their true essence as a law firm, and captivate the audience.

Legal Communications Group Films TV Commercials With New Drone Technology

Our new Drone “Buddy” films Attorney David Daggett as he cycles for a new bike safety TV commercial.

This new drone technology is just another way that Legal Communications Group makes our clients feel like the star in their own blockbuster production when they come to film at our Philadelphia studios!

At LCG, we offer a level of production quality and attention to detail that not many legal marketing firms can match and we are constantly exploring new ways to deliver the maximum impact for your advertising dollar.

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