Legal Communications Group Produces Two New TV Commercial Series For Clients

May 4th, 2017

When you bring up the word “lawyer television advertising” or “personal injury television commercials” what pops into your mind? Big dollar budgets? Huge law firms with seedy commercials that don’t properly represent the role of reputable trial lawyers?

As upholders of justice for the people, against large corporations, the insurance industry and government agencies, we need to be more mindful than ever, how we promote the use of legal services to the masses.

Terrible lawyer commercials that look like they were shot on a family owned camera in an outdated law office just don’t work. And shouting lawyers, pushing a giant check into the hands of another, or standing on top of a big rig, are just too hokey these days, and discredit the job that you do.

Protecting the rights of consumers against the biggest corporations and establishments in the country is an honorable profession, and we all have a responsibility to communicate responsibly in our marketing.

This past week we shot two new TV commercial series for our clients. And each series simply and professionally communicates a compelling message to consumers.

Disability Attorneys of Michigan

Our client Disability Attorneys of Michigan was tired of screaming lawyer ads, talking at people instead of to people, sounding angry instead of compassionate and not showing the true essence of the core values of their firm. With this in mind we wrote and produced a new commercial series that discuses actual case scenarios of what real people are up against when trying to get the disability benefits they so dearly need.

The commercials are in post now, and will be on the air in two weeks. We made sure that the commercials convey the personality of our client in a caring, strong and compassionate manner. The problem is that so many disabled people are denied benefits through the system, and the solution is that Disability Attorneys of Michigan has the knowledge, the experience and the heart to stand up for the disabled every day.

Henson Fuerst Law Firm

Our client Henson Fuerst is in an extremely competitive market. After a thorough analysis of the top legal advertising firms in their market, we came up with a new concept. First coming from the client’s perspective for a portion of the ad, and then from the attorney’s perspective. Again, the problem is that a person is seriously injured and they have no idea how to navigate through the insurance claim, and the solution is that our client does know this; In fact they deal with the insurance companies every day. Fighting for what’s right.

If you are questioning the quality of your marketing message, or if you are looking for a new, strong, professional TV commercial series, contact Legal Communications Group. We have been growing personal injury law firms for over 30 years in powerhouse brands. And we would like to help you too. Call the leading Advertising Agency for Law Firms at 800-454-4300.

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