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Success Begins With a Thoughtful Brand Strategy

Before we put pen to paper on media, creative or content strategies, we closely examine what makes your brand tick and understand why potential clients should choose you over any other firm. To get there, we work closely with firm stakeholders to identify:

  • lcg-landing-page-master-brand-pillar-icon-1-01

    Brand Pillars

    (Vision, Mission, & Values)

  • lcg-landing-page-master-brand-position-icon-1-01

    Brand Position

  • lcg-landing-page-master-brand-voice-icon-1-01

    Brand Voice

Once we’ve established this critical brand foundation,
we have the tools required to craft an overarching communications strategy that:

  • Promotes Recognition

    (Vision, Mission, & Values)

  • Builds Trust

  • Establishes Credibility

  • Sets You Apart From The Competition

Powerful, Effective Storytelling That Elevates Your Brand

The legal marketplace is crowded with cookie-cutter messaging that ensures that most firms look and sound exactly the same, offering little to no way to differentiate themselves among potential clients.

We’d leverage this as an opportunity to create custom creative solutions across all applicable media types that work to establish a meaningful connection with your audience and evoke response and action.

Below you’ll find creative samples that range from direct, brand value statement/attorney as subject execution to creative that relies on more evocative storytelling from the client/victim perspective.

Bringing Your Message to the Masses

Developing a campaign that helps you stand out from the pack is only part of the story.

A solid media strategy is key to achieving an effective and efficient presence in the market.

On that front, we’re 100% strategically driven. We start by surveying the marketplace and identifying market influencing conditions (i.e., share of voice) in order to determine where opportunities for effective reach exist. Then we look at that versus national consumer media habits and audience penetration in your specific market, whether broadcast TV, out-of-home or social media, to determine the optimal mix.

From there we take a close look at audience segmentation/composition to make sure we’re reaching folks at the right place and time. In time, this approach is what really helps to affect first choice, top-of-mind awareness.

Content That Increases SEO Authority, Engagement and Conversions

As part of a 360 marketing approach, we preach the importance of consistently developing content beyond general website practice area copy.

This content, in the form of blogs, user guides/handbooks, landing pages, infographics, animatic, and live-action video, etc., serves to engage audiences during the critical research and consideration phase of their firm search.

Deployed as part of a comprehensive content strategy, such content helps to:

  • Build Audience Trust and Rapport

  • Establish Brand Credibility

  • Drive More Qualified Website Traffic

  • Convert Higher Quality Leads

Below you can see some of the types of static visual content we deploy, from website to social, to engage audiences throughout their entire consumer journey.

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find video content in short format, suitable for outbound initiatives, as well as long-format pieces for inbound initiatives that serve to educate potential clients.

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There’s a lot to digest here, so once you’ve had a chance to review creative samples and our preliminary approach, we’d love to continue the conversation and discuss how LCG can serve as your full-service marketing partner. Until then, have a fantastic weekend.



Joe Iacovella

Director of Client Services
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