Is Your Law Firm Taking Advantage Of The Power of Facebook Advertising?

July 11th, 2017

Social media marketing has become a significant revenue funnel for many law firms. With ease of accessibility, and affordable pricing, it makes sense to shift some of your advertising dollars and strategy to social media. Facebook is the most popular social media site available today, and is reaching over 162 million users daily in the US.

According to Facebook’s latest statistics, there are 1.28 billion people who log onto the site daily; 234 million daily users from the US and Canada. Not only are these users logging in, they are spending significant time on the site. The average American spends about 40 minutes a day on Facebook. Many people, with diverse demographics, all using one platform, make Facebook an incredibly powerful advertising tool. This is where many potential clients are spending their time.

Typically, every business now creates a Facebook page to interact with clients. Likes and shares are free, and can help spread the word about your law firm. This is great for reaching people that already have a relationship with your firm, but how do you reach new clients and friends?

This is where Facebook advertising comes in and expands your reach to people that haven’t discovered you yet, or may be considering you, and just need a little positive push.

Facebook recently revamped their advertising features making it easier than ever to target your desired and very specific audience. This includes targeting based on recent purchases, life event targeting, geo-location, people similar to your existing followers, and many more.

Another incredibly powerful feature is the ability to remarket. Remarketing means exposing your ads to people who have previously engaged with you in some way. Having your consistent presence on a consumer’s mind usually increases both your engagement numbers and conversion rates.

More than ever, consumers are “shopping around” for the right personal injury law firm to represent them. This is why, not only do you need to be everywhere on the web, having an intelligent social media strategy for your personal injury law firm marketing campaign is very important.

Many consumers are making their purchasing decisions after looking online at various directories and rating systems such as Google, Yelp, Facebook, City Search, etc.

A strong social media presence will help seal the deal. Social media also gives your law firm a platform to put out helpful, educational information to the masses in a positive way.

With Facebook you can cast a wide net, to reach thousands of consumers, on one network, at an affordable price. This is why many law firms are utilizing this platform. Facebook business portal also has great analytics to watch and track your campaign success.

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