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Firm Newsletters

A Newsletter Campaign designed by the legal marketing experts at Legal Communications Group offers an unparalleled opportunity to show clients that your personal injury law firm values their business and cares deeply about keeping them in the loop on current news and important events at the firm.

In the current marketing climate, it is more important than ever before for law firms to stay in touch with past clients, current clients and future prospects. Legal Communications Group has over 30 years of experience creating messaging and strategies that help our clients grow their practice and stay top-of-mind for potential clients.


Whether your firm wants to share important safety information that can help prevent avoidable accidents, inform clients about your efforts in the local community, or simply keep your friends and colleagues up-to-date on life at your firm, an email newsletter is a wonderful way to effectively communicate these messages while keeping your costs low.

Some of the benefits that a strong Email Newsletter Campaign can provide for your Personal Injury law firm include:

  • Build Brand Awareness: Current consumer reports indicate that as much as 91% of consumers check their email daily. That means a well-executed email campaign is nearly guaranteed to get your firm’s name seen by a vast majority of recipients.
  • Increase Client Retention Rate: Email marketing experts estimate that timely, consistent newsletter blasts can lead to client retention rates as high as 78%. When past clients once again find themselves in need of legal representation, consistent email communications help ensure that they will return to your firm.
  • Maximize Your ROI: Email marketing experts report that firms that invest in email marketing campaigns can expect as much as a $44.25 ROI per dollar spent. Email marketing offers another fantastic outlet to increase caseloads and generate new leads.
  • Cultivate Repeat Business & Referrals:  The more you engage with consumers, the more comfortable they feel with your law firm. The more relevant content you provide to consumers, the more they respect you. This leads to repeat business and referrals. Top of the mind awareness is necessary as competition grows.

Trust the creative marketing experts at Legal Communications Group to choose the right content, design and layouts that will make your firm’s newsletter campaign stand out from the competition and attract new case leads.

Post Card Mailings

It is important to keep your law firm’s approach to contacting and communicating with your clients fresh and diverse. If you constantly take only one approach to reaching out to clients, you risk allowing your marketing efforts to become stale, predictable and less effective.

A Direct Mail and Post Card Mailing campaign from the law firm marketing specialists at Legal Communications Group is a great way to mix up your firm’s messaging and communications efforts and get results.

These days, receiving a post card in the mail shows a special level of thought and consideration. Contacting your clients with a direct mail campaign shows them that your law firm truly cares about staying connected with your past, current and prospective clients.



A compelling direct mail campaign designed by LCG will make your clients stop and take notice. Our attention-grabbing imagery, combined with hard-hitting headlines and important offers, ensure that your audience takes a second look. With effective Direct Mail, you can target clients based on geography, economics, age and race and send a uniquely crafted message to a very specific audience.

Whatever the call to action, LCG crafts law firm Direct Mail and Post Card Mailing campaigns that suit your goals and your budget, drive new case leads, and maximize your ROI.

Firm Announcement Cards

Have some news you want to share with your clients? Trust Legal Communications Group to design a professional Firm Announcement Card that will quickly and effectively communicate your message.

Keep your past, current and prospective clients up-to-date on all the most important news and information from your law firm. Clients, friends and colleagues will appreciate being kept in the loop on all the latest announcements and milestones from your firm.

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