Creating a Client-Keeping Vision Within Your Law Practice

November 18th, 2016
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A Company Vision To Live By

Personal Injury law firms are in the business of helping people. Your law firm staff and all attorneys should be communicating to all clients and prospects with compassion, integrity and care. Helping people find solutions, and support in their time of need is the reason people contact your law firm. You must convey that you are staunch advocates for consumer rights, and your job is to passionately defend the rights of the people against big corporations, insurance companies, and anyone who caused your clients harm.

You are protectors. You are defenders. You are the strength that people need, when they have no fight left.

Do You Have A Firm Vision Statement to Live By?

How do you incorporate it into your everyday actions?

If you can incorporate these values in the voice of your personal injury practice, it will create continuity and consistency with everyone’s actions representing your law firm:

  • Systematically implement the vision of the firm in every action
  • Contribute ideas to improve efficiency
  • Stand out by providing WOW customer support
  • Listen to each client, hear what they are saying, and be compassionate
  • Feel your clients’ pain, fear and frustration and respond with professionalism and kindness
  • Control each call with professionalism and empathy
  • Treat each client like royalty, the result will be a lifetime of referrals

How to Build Strong Client Relationships

Keeping happier clients is the main goal. Nurturing strong client relationships are your responsibility. The only way for your law firm to grow to the next level is for everyone to be client focused in every action and in every engagement. The “extras” you provide will make the difference in building strong, long-lasting client relationships or losing valuable business.

WOW customer service will lead to building strong brand loyalty and leave clients coming back for more!  The goal is for everyone to provide world-class WOW customer service, better than any other law firm in your state.

  • What can you do to help maintain strong client relations?
  • In what areas do you feel your practice can improve their client service?
  • What “extra” services do you personally provide to clients?

If you are having trouble providing a clear answer for these questions, it may be time to hold a Client Relationship Workshop for your personal injury law firm’s attorneys and staff. This can help ensure that everyone at your law firm is 100% focused on delivering an optimal customer experience that will leave your clients coming back for more.

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