Our Team

Legal Communications Group is comprised of talented marketing guru’s driven by the power of positioning. We create communications to drive another person’s actions. That excites us. We are dedicated to ensuring that our law firm clients’ goals are met through the best strategic thinking and implementation possible. We want your firm to succeed as much as you do. Entrusting Legal Communications Group with your firms advertising & marketing strategy will drive greater business growth in an extremely competitive marketplace.

Loni Liss President/CEO

Our founder has been working hand in hand with personal injury law firms since 1985. She has worked with some of the top plaintiff firms in the country and has implemented some of the most successful campaigns. With over 25 years supporting the growth of law firms, Loni is known throughout the industry as a leader and an innovator.

“Our goal is to help our law firm clients identify their main objectives. We then make the recommendations necessary to achieve success. Our creative team is one of the best in the business and we are producing some of the top law firm marketing solutions in the country.

Jerry Scullion Creative Director

If anyone was trying to prove that there are more than 24 hours in a day, it’s Jerry. He sets and oversees the creative approach and design direction for all LCG projects. Responsible for the look and feel of all creative work, he conceptualizes and spearheads the development of all branding, creative marketing vehicles and initiatives.

His experience as a Creative draws heavily on his stints in both the corporate and promotional marketing worlds, and leads to a unique perspective on how he approaches each project. Jerry has led creative efforts for a diverse roster of clients and Fortune 500 companies, and is the recipient of MSN Emessenny, Web Marketing WMA and Promo awards.

When not focusing on LCG, Jerry resides in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Mark Kennedy Internet Marketing Director

“If you build it, they will come.” Mark knows better than anyone that the same does not hold true in the world of websites. You have to drive traffic to your website for it to be an effective tool.

Mark Kennedy boasts 10 years of online media and financial experience. After earning his MBA at La Salle University, Mark passed his certified financial analyst exam and spent seven years trading for the Philadelphia Stock Exchange.

Mark provides a full range of online marketing services for our law firms. His financial background drives him to focus on the return on each of his client’s investments.

Mike Beitcher Digital Strategist

Mike Beitcher honed his passion for website and business development while completing his undergraduate degree in International Development Studies at McGill University. Mike has a diverse professional background which includes founding and moderating his own network of websites, organizing live volunteer events and concerts, as well as developing business-to-business networks in his hometown of Philadelphia.

While working with small business owners in the South Kensington neighborhood of Northeast Philadelphia, he realized that helping businesses reach their full potential was the perfect outlet for his creativity and passion. Mike puts that passion to work for Legal Communications Group by constantly seeking out new opportunities to maximize the digital footprint and online reputation of our clients.

Greg Hahn Marketing Strategist
Lindsay DiLemmo Assistant Digital Strategist

With a degree in Integrated Strategic Communication and minor in Communication from the University of Kentucky, Lindsay applies her knowledge and expertise to help create innovative marketing strategies. Lindsay previously interned at a NBC affiliated news station in Lexington, where she got a feel for content writing and story research. Starting at a young age, Lindsay has always had a passion for creative thinking and methods to keep things innovative and fresh.

 In her spare time, Lindsay enjoys staying active, traveling and spending quality time with her family and friends.

Janine Monico Web Specialist

“Without passion, you don’t have energy; without energy, you have nothing. Nothing in this world has been accomplished without passion.” The words of Donald Trump resonate with Janine, as her work is driven by her passion. Janine earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Marketing from La Salle University. As a copywriter and project manager for LCG, Janine dives in head first to get to know each law firm’s strengths and personality in order to craft the firm’s web and marketing messages.

Janine suffers from Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Having been injured in an accident, Janine understands what plaintiffs are going through, as she was faced with the struggle of a personal injury law suit following an accident that resulted in her debilitating condition. Janine is uniquely qualified to put herself in the shoes of your potential clients, offering insight from an insider’s position.

Janine graduated from La Salle University, Magna Cum Laude. She was a member of the Communication National Honor Society and President of the Student Ambassadors. Janine writes for the La Salle University Magazine, a quarterly publication highlighting the University’s noteworthy alumni, and enjoys freelance writing in her spare time.

Howard Hartley Controller

Howard Hartley runs the accounting operations of Legal Communications Group. For the past five years, Howard has worked to help LCG maintain a comprehensive set of controls and budgets designed to mitigate risk and enhance the accuracy of the company’s reported financial results. With over 30 years of accounting experience, Howard brings a keen financial outlook for continued growth and success.

Howard loves fishing, fine wine and enjoying leisurely Sunday walks with his wife of 30 years.

Ellen Regenbogen Administrative

Ellen Regenbogen provides administrative support for Legal Communications Group. From file management to emergency response, Ellen handles it all. Having known Loni for 20 years, Ellen understands Loni’s needs and works to ensure her calendar is kept and clerical work is completed. At critical times she may be called upon to coordinate with vendors to secure a seamless workflow around the office.

Ellen enjoys spending her free time with family and close friends.