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Law firm web sites are the new firm brochures. This web savvy generation isn’t going through a Rolodex to find what they need. Instead, they look to the Internet.

It is more important than ever to keep your web site looking fresh and modern. Consumers can tell when a site hasn’t been updated in years. A sleek, modern web site establishes credibility for a law firm.

You must also keep usability in mind. If a user opens your web site and doesn’t know where to click first, the user will x-out in search of a site he can more easily navigate. Your site should be intuitive, ensuring that when potential clients enter, the navigation is simple, and clear calls to action direct them where to go next.

Legal Communications Group understands the importance of a seamless web presence; therefore, we design and develop high-end, easily navigatable web sites for law firms and we optimize our sites to ensure optimum search engine visibility.

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