Grow Your Plaintiff Law Firm Revenues in 2015 With TV Advertising. Here is How Your Law Firm Can Benefit

May 7th, 2015
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Recent reports on Television Advertising in the U.S show significant increases in total media spend compared to data collected from the same time in 2014.

If your Personal Injury law firm is looking to start a comprehensive TV advertising campaign or if you are looking to improve your current campaign, trust Legal Communications Group.  Our experienced team of marketing professionals will implement the most strategic, successful TV campaign that will get your law firm the exposure you need and maximize your ROI.

While digital and online advertising revenues continue to make their own gains, television advertising remains the most cost-effective way to ensure that your brand is seen by thousands of potential clients daily.

One effective technique of getting your commercial placed on premium television networks is what is known in the industry as “scatter advertising.” Television stations will often pre-sell advertising spots on their prime-time programs months in advance, but often times these stations find that a significant percentage of their inventory goes unsold. Scatter advertising allows advertisers to take advantage of this unsold inventory and place their commercials on premium networks at deeply discounted rates.

Scatter advertising revenue on Broadcast television jumped an astonishing 43% in March of 2015, the most recent month for which full data is available. For the entire 1st Quarter of 2015, scatter advertising revenue was up a total of 13% on Broadcast television and 9% on Cable.

Negotiating a cost-effective TV Advertising campaign that will get your Personal Injury law firm’s phones ringing off the hook with potential clients requires an experienced and savvy approach. Clients of Legal Communications Group trust our advertising team to develop the most effective strategies for executing multi-level media buys that maximize ROI and increase exposure.

Legal Communications Group has been producing law firm television commercials since 1985. We have almost 30 years experience in growing personal injury law firms through organized, strategic marketing campaigns. We offer only the highest quality productions, with messaging that is impactful, to produce the most effective Lawyer TV Commercials in the business.

You can view a full portfolio of our TV Advertising work here.

Here is an example of the second-to-none quality you will receive when you trust Legal Communications Group to handle your TV Advertising campaign:

Legal Communications Group will:

  • Extensively research your market
  • Work to develop creative that blows away the competition
  • Negotiate your media buy to maximize ROI
  • Produce your law firm TV commercials from start to finish
  • Implement and manage your entire TV advertising effort
  • Create monthly marketing reports that track the success of your campaign

Don’t keep losing clients to your competitors! Call Legal Communications Group today at 1-800-454-4300 or email us at to learn more about how we can help your firm grow.

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